¿Trabajas en acuicultura? ¡Optimiza tu capacidad de respuesta con EasyAquaMonitor!


EasyAquaMonitor is a data acquisition and alert platform . This platform is a easy to use, scalable and very easy to adapt to environments were data acquisition already exists. This platformis a verylittle version of EasyMonitor application, an application with more functionalities, directed to acquaculture application.

To save data it is possible to connect to the most common databases:  



-Microsoft SQL


The web application can run in any Aprache web server or other Web Server ready to run python language. The EasyAqua Monitor use little device that acts like a gateway and a data safe device between data acquisition point and the central database, where this web application is normally deployed.

This gateway acts like:

Fail-Tolerant device saving the data when communications is lost

Alarm system sending messages by SMS and emails. Policies are applied to avoid higher SMS spend.

This gateway can receive data from:

802.15.4/Zigbee in 2.4GHZ band

802.15.4 in 8GB MHz



Next is presented posible schema of application integration.

This Platform will be evolve to join prediction and intelligent data analysis to give decision support to the end user.

More info: www.easysensing.pt


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